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The Intelligent Barcode

January 13, 2011

LATEST IMB NEWS: Postal Service Relaxes Upcoming Requirements for Automation Prices

Recognizing ongoing concerns about mailers’ readiness for broader adoption of the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb®), the USPS® has decided that automation discounts for mail with POSTNET barcodes will continue to be offered beyond May 2011.

Today’s announcement, made following consultation with key industry leaders, means that mailers also may continue to use the POSTNET barcode for reply mail (such as Business Reply Mail (BRM), QBRM and Permit Reply Mail) and PLANET Code® for Confirm® Service.

The relaxing of requirements beyond the planned May POSTNET retirement timeframe allows for an easier transition to the full use of the IMb while continuing to receive automation discounts.

The value of the IMb is a proven technological advantage with more than 41 billion pieces of IMb-enabled mail processed by the USPS. As more Industry leaders continue to embrace the IMb, the Postal Service is committed to enhancing the benefits of Intelligent Mail Services. Click to see article...

Why go Intelligent Barcode?

ALL Reply Mail (Business Reply, Courtesy Reply, Merchandise Return or Meter Reply) will require the new Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) beginning May 2011. Ensure your mailpieces are in compliance prior to the upcoming change.

If you use Reply Mail you need to prepare now. Avoid the last-minute rush!

Do you have a Mailer ID? If not, you need to apply now! Step-by-step Instructions are below.

Do you use CRM or BRM? Do you know what each Plus 4 is used for? Is it for postcards, 1 oz or 2 oz letters, or is it flat size?

Mailer ID Instructions

To apply for your Mailer ID number, you need to log in at . In the lower right hand corner you will see a link called - Business Customer Gateway. Click on that link and sign in. The MID number is free. You will be assigned either a 6-digit or a 9-digit number. You will also see a CRID number. This is not the same as the MID number. Takes about 10-minutes.

You are going to be asked to answer some questions in regards to your business. After you do this part the next screen will ask if this is for personal or business use. Please select "business".

Then it'll ask you if you agree and you need to select "yes" and then its going to ask you to be the Business Service Agent (BSA) this is basically saying you are responsible for this account.

Once you have done the above it will take you back to the home page.

Click on Mailer ID and then it will give you an option to choose which type you want. If you are not doing any of these services then select "Full/Basic Service" and then the system will issue you your number.

If you have problems with the program please call 1-800-522-9085 select option 1 then option 0 to speak to a person.

Now, that you have your Mailer ID and you know the sizes for your reply mail, you're ready...

The Postal Service can provide a hardcopy Facing Identification Mark (FIM) and postnet or IM barcode.

Effective May 2011, all BRM mailpieces must contain the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb). For your convenience by November 2010, the USPS Business Reply Mail Templates website will upgrade the design reply mailpiece information to include the IM barcode.