The Non Profit Marketer/Fundraiser

Fundraising, by its very nature, presents unique challenges that only direct mail marketing can meet. Here, there is something greater than a product or a service being offered, there is a mission that must be met. This requires not only decades of direct mail experience, but compassion and dedication. "KaeL Direct does more than deliver quality service with competitive prices under tight deadlines. KaeL Direct is a valued partner, an extension of our mission with homeless children. Their professionalism and expertise is a great asset to our organization. Their flexibility, creativity and compassion have played a vital role in our mission for many years...we look forward to many more," declared Covenant House. Your organization's financial needs are special and worthy of donation. You know that. Kael Direct realizes that, too. Together we can implement a direct mail marketing strategy to not only reach your fundraising goals, but to also satisfy the mission that is so worthy or your dedication.