The B2B Marketer

In uncertain economic times, the one action that has proven to be successful is direct mail marketing. This has been been proven no matter what the economic climate or how advanced the technology. Whether it is generating leads for a high tech concern, client development for a law firm, or fostering a relationship with a valued partner, Kael Direct has been there with the direct mail solution for all business to business direct mail marketing needs. The roster of businesses that have utilized KaeL Direct for direct mail range from consumer goods titans such as Wal Mart and Home Depot, communications giants AT&T and MCI, high tech outfits such as Vocus software, professional services firms such as Odell, Simms & Lynch, and financial institutions from local banks such as Chevy Chase Bank to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Odell, Simms & Lynch remarked that, "KaeL Direct has proven our agency with great service, creative solutions to production problems, and very competitive prices. You can expect terrific service and follow up on details important to meeting a deadline." The direct mailing needs and solutions have been as varied as the client base itself of KaeL Direct. But there has been one constant in this equation: the direct mail products and services of KaeL Direct satisfying their every direct mail marketing need.