Who We Are

Today, KaeL Direct is recognized as an industry leader in multi-channel direct marketing, outsource solutions, and production management across a variety of markets. Some of their clients include: AARP, Covenant House, Vocus, Capital One, The Boys and Girls Clubs and Sallie Mae. The fact that such a wide variety of clients from so many diverse markets rely on KaeL Direct is a testament to their industry knowledge and business expertise.

KaeL Direct’s founder Karl Lady spent a long career working for large printing and mailing companies with multiple plants around the United States. In the early 1990’s he began to notice a tremendous overcapacity in the marketplace. Furthermore, he became frustrated with a sales strategy that was more interested in filling up their plants equipment than listening to their customer’s needs and specifications. As a result, in 1997 he formed KaeL Direct.

KaeL Direct saw repid growth and was recognized by their industry for numerous awards and accolades. For 2 years in a row they were recognized by Print Solutions Magazine as the fastest growing company in their industry. In 2002, they were also recognized as the 23rd largest distributor in the country.

This growth allowed KaeL to branch out into other markets and continue to diversify their product offering and grow as a company. However, they never veered away from their core competency: purchasing and managing direct marketing products and services better than anyone in the country.

Our Mission and Promise to You

KaeL Direct’s mission is to conceptualize, produce, manage and deliver data driven innovative multi-channel direct marketing solutions to clients in both nonprofit and commercial markets. To engage our strongest asset, our employees, in a way that maximizes their creativity, embraces their years of industry experience, and provides a fulfilling career. To provide our clients an unparalleled breadth of production channels, as well as unmatched client centric solutions. We exist to increase our market share and profitability, enabling all stakeholders to realize greater financial rewards.

Vision Statement

To be the most trusted and best in class provider of innovative multi-channel response marketing solutions and reliable services for our clients.